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A Brief Look at a Key Player in St. Croix's Recovery from Hurricane Irma

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season was one of the severest on record. While residents of the United States personally experienced many signs of the season's intensity, it was a handful of islands in the Caribbean that suffered the worst damage.

In the United States Virgin Islands, for example, Hurricane Irma passed through to devastating effect. With power and water supplies out and transportation difficult, residents of particular islands such as St. Croix faced truly challenging circumstances. Local companies like Cane Bay Partners did a great deal to help everyone get safely back to life as normal.

A Nonprofit Takes the Lead in Helping St. Croix Recover

Two of that firm's directors had previously founded a nonprofit group called "Cane Bay Cares." When they realized how much damage Hurricane Irma would do, they personally committed hundreds of thousands of dollars between them to buying supplies and equipment that would be needed in the recovery.

At the same time, they also used their connections to raise even more money, targeting a total of an even million dollars. The money they contributed and collected allowed them to buy and provide access to important assets including:

Generators. While some might see going without electricity on occasion as a productive way of clearing the mind, few deficits prove more damaging after a major natural disaster. The 36 generators that the group purchased and set up around St. Croix enabled everything from the provision of emergency medical care to the reuniting of families.

Water. Human beings cannot survive for more than a few days without access to safe drinking water. A tropical storm of Irma's scale will almost always interfere with the usual supplies, often rendering them unfit to drink for quite some time. Potable water brought in and distributed by the nonprofit undoubtedly saved lives.

Mosquito repellent. Another danger that commonly sets in after a tropical storm is an outbreak of mosquito-born diseases. From dengue fever to the Zika virus, mosquitoes can take advantage of the chaos that follows a storm to spread diseases quickly. Cane Bay Cares distributed many mosquito-repelling "SuperBands" that helped keep St. Croix residents safe.

A Smoother Recovery Than Many Had Even Dared to Hope

Surveying the damage that Hurricane Irma had inflicted, many residents of the United States Virgin Islands thought that recovery would be slow and painful. Thanks to highly effective responses led by groups like Cane Bay Cares, however, the process turned out to be easier, faster, and more successful than almost anyone had predicted.

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